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The Story

This plan had been precisely discussed and prepared for a long time. Our Poms spent hours, days and weeks planning their escape from the place that felt like „prison“ to them. It all started with a casual, almost meaningless seeming meeting on the lawn, when Max and Cooper ran into each other. It was only a matter of a short period of time, when it became obvious that they actually had a lot in common…

Both of them were bred Pomeranians, taken away from their fur families at a young age: Eight weeks after birth they were already sold to strangers – as if they were “goods”. Ever since then, people on the street and the people they lived with didn’t take them for serious dogs and only thought of and treated them more like stuffed animals and less like actual living beings.

Their owners gave a lot of importance to their physical care and appearance. Despite regular beauty treatments, which actually got on Cooper and Max’s nerves, their emotional needs were neither acknowledged nor met. They were kept away from other dogs on the regular, especially large ones. The owners always justified their behavior with the fear that their dogs might get bitten. „It’s not all about size, it’s about strength of character and sympathy,“ said Max. „Exactly! People are probably scared of big dogs themselves and are just using us as an excuse!”, Cooper exclaimed. Training and learning tricks were also part of their daily routine. „I’m not a circus dog“, Cooper said with anger. And when it got really bad, their owners even put clothes and accessories on them, which were way too small. „It can’t go on like this“, said Max with a desperate voice. „We’re not taken seriously at all, I’m more than just a stuffed animal and nice to look at“, he added. And that’s when the two brave dogs decided to create a network of Poms, who shared their views and wanted to break out of „prison“ as well.

It took almost a year for those 6000 Poms to stick to their plan and escape together. But the long and carefully planned escape was not easy, because at the end of the day, they felt sorry for their owners somehow, those superficial people. Some of the Poms didn’t have it in their heart to leave their owners. Among those 6000 Poms there were some dogs that were exclusively bred for profit and had to grow up on terrible conditions. Some shared traumatic experiences that they still struggle with to this day. The 6000 Poms that made it in the end all had the same goal: They finally wanted to develop and grow into their own personality, far away from stereotypes of the human world and thinking in boxes – because EVERY Pom is unique!
To help each other survive outdoors, they started a “Pom Pom Club”, a group, where they help and support each other. Everyone can behave and live as they please. Those Poms can finally be DOGS! They are allowed to wear whatever they want, act however they want and meet other dogs and animals, basically whoever they want. Everyone has different preferences. Despite their bad experiences, some Poms plan to go back into the human world again at some point, because they believe in the good in people and would like to be their faithful companions.
But first and most importantly, they all want to find out who they REALLY are.

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The Roadmap


We will start with our charity work, we will discuss and make a community vote in discord:

Which animal shelters or which animal charities should we support? Which institution should we donate to?


Dream holiday trip: Giveaway

Holders will be able to participate in our great weekly giveaway: Every week you can win a 2 week holiday trip (for 2 persons)! We will contact the winner and will discuss together where and when you wanna do your dream trip.

Our own Pom Pom Token

We will start to develope an own Poo-$Token that allows you to breed new Baby Pom Pom NFTs, earn items in our shop, co-own other assets, and more!


More lucky winner

We will drop 5 ETH into 5 lucky holder wallets (Each 1 ETH) This happens:

Mon June 06 2022 18:00:00 GMT +0000

More Developers

We will hire more developers to get a step into the metaverse!

Q3 2022

Breeding System

We will finish the breeding system development: You can get and use your token now to breed new Baby Pom Pom NFTs! Sneak-peeks TBA

New Collection

The next collection will be dropped! Mint a new NFT for 0 ETH! (join Discord for more Informations)

Q4 2022
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