We are a group of people that has a significant interest in common: Our team is obsessed with animals and dearly loves animals of all kinds. As animal lovers, it is important to us that animals are treated well and taken care of appropriately and not reduced to their appearance and chosen only by considering their breed. In all honesty, that was the case with our pomeranian puppy named Charlie who we actually indeed bought for his breed and thus looks.

After a quick research on the internet back then, we were surprised to find out that this breed is considered as “the perfect family dog”– something that us as the future owners had always dreamed about. A few weeks later the trip to pick up our new puppy in Hamburg was here. The breeder seemed to be very professional and seemed to care for his animals deeply.

Charlie seemed to be the perfect puppy for us as a family – a very dreamy, witty little guy whom we quickly grew a strong friendship with over the past nine years. His new family owns 1 acres of property, all for him to play, run and even act like a watchdog on if he wants to. His large family soon adopted another dog to keep him company. The fact that this whole family is self-employed is a wonderful circumstance for the pets – they have human contact around the clock and none of the animals are home alone for a long period of time.  Perfect for Charlie, as being alone is something that triggers him – he doesn’t cope well with being on his own.

But even though this particular dog’s life seems to have turned out amazing, us as owners sometimes still can’t help but wonder: Was adopting a puppy from a breeder really the better choice? Was the breeder really serious back then? What about the other puppies and breeded animals?

Nowadays this question pops up far more often than it did around ten years ago – you can’t seem to pass a day without hearing frighting news about terrible circumstances animals are held by breeders in, even about mass breeding, in which many dogs and other animals live under catastrophic conditions. The parent animals are exclusively seen as birthing machines and heavily abused. Many breeding animals never see daylight, living on a few centimeters in their own cage, suffering, even living with sick and dead animals around.

In addition to that, torment breeding unfortunately happens far more often that you would thing. Many animals belong to a so-called torture breed (https://www.peta.org). Pomeranians such a Charlie count to the range of teacup dogs. Although he is currently Absolutely healthy and even one if the „largest“ Pomeranians of his breed, miniature dog breeds are more likely to develop various diseases, including poor heart circulation, fragile bones and even more.

So ironically it is the same breeders who supposedly put a lot of emphasis on the choice of their buyers, sell their animals, including tormented breeds like Charlie, for a high price – metaphorically and literally. Those animals live their lives with genetic limitations and diseases. But it doesn’t stop there. Breeders also physically abuse their animals often. Similar to human victims of domestic violence, the brutality marks the animals, which may even cause them to turn into dangerous animals to others of their kind and even humans.

Was it the same with Charlie? Did the shiny outside conceal what was really going on? These are questions that owners all over the world, especially us, ask ourselves over and over again – unfortunately the answer will forever remain unsolved. Before getting Charlie, we as future owners lacked the proper education about breeding. Media always suggested that pomeranians were doing well, NOT suffering from their breeding and background.

One thing is for sure: Today Charlie’s owners would not buy another dog from a breeder, but adopt a dog. There are countless small and large dogs, adult dogs and puppies that have been rescued in Germany, but also abroad, given to people that ensured a loving and responsible home for them.

With this project we want to draw attention to all the tortures breeding animals go through and suffer from breeders, who are only thinking about profit. That’s why we don’t mean to draw attention to out project only, but to all organizations and shelters that have actively been working with and for animals. We want to support them with large donations – and you can be part of it. When buying one of our NFTs, a part of the profit goes directly to organizations and shelters that contribute to animal welfare. To be absolutely transparent about it, you even get to decide where the donations should go to. We are highly interested in shelters here as well as abroad and would be happy to receive your suggestions and votes for your favorite shelter in our community! Be a part of our project – save animals and set an example AGAINST the BREEDING of pets.

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